Hello, I'm Cameron.

I'm a Web Developer.

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About Me


Hey, I'm Cameron. I've been interested in code for the better part of a decade. I started out learning the basics with Python, and went from simple projects like unit converters, to relatively more complex concepts, like text-based versions of card games. Ultimately, further pursuits in tech were put on hold for a few years, but during the COVID-19 lockdowns I began investing time into code again. In early 2022 I decided to give web development a try, and found I really enjoyed it. It combines technology and art in a way that I find extremely compelling. I'm always trying to learn more and improve my skills, and look forward to continually documenting the advancements I make.

“Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treatment. “ - Kent Beck

My Projects

Click on a project to see it in action, or check out the github link for each!

Weather App

Uses data from the OpenWeather API to display weather information. Users can enter a new location, or delete an existing location.

React Meme Generator

A React-based web application that allows users to create custom memes using images from the Imgflip API.


A calendar application that allows the user to add and delete events for specific dates. Uses local storage to save the events so that they persist even after the user closes the application.

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